2019 Workshops

Re-energise and relieve stress while creating new ways for your Mind & Soul to flourish.

‘Tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’

~ Mary Oliver

2019 Workshop Schedule


Loss Matters

Join Lisa-Maree for this special one day workshop journey and explore the powerful lessons found in grief and sorrow.  This workshop is a chance to take time out from your busy life, to reflect on and honour the change you are experiencing, or have experienced in your life by acknowledging that with change comes loss, as well.  This workshop will help you understand and embrace your grief, as well as gain insight into why this situation has presented itself and what it is here to show you.

Saturday, 2nd March 2019.  10pm-4pm
Dickson St. Space.
35-37 Dickson St, Newtown
With Lisa-Maree Botticelli

The Alchemy of Money

Create an empowered relationship to money by uncovering what you really want to have in your life.  In this series you will clear what holds you back and build a strong foundation upon, which to create flow and financial abundance, so you may flourish.

Monday, 18th March 2019. 6pm-7pm
With Lisa-Maree Botticelli.


Winter Moments Vision Board Workshop

Join us for this special event to consciously set your direction for the remainder of the year. Attune to the powerful opportunities presenting for you over the next six months, which means it’s the perfect time to fully own your gifts and talents, so you can manifest your highest goals.

Saturday, 27th July 2019. 10am-4pm.
With Lisa-Maree Botticelli.





Awaken Your Inner Vision

Why not finish this year by acknowledging the year that has been? In this 3 hour workshop you will reflect on what you have achieved this year and set your intention for the new year to come.  Be a part of this powerful urban retreat where you will create a vision board to take home to inspire you, and be in alignment with your vision for the upcoming year.

Saturday, 7th Dec 2019. 10am-4pm
With Lisa-Maree Botticelli.







12 Week Course.

Beginning 18th March 2019.

All welcome.

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12 Week Course.

Beginning in March 2019.

All welcome.

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