What people are saying….

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work with Lisa-Maree, as my Creativity Coach for the past six months.  Lisa-Maree’s creativity sessions have helped me find clarity and identify blockages in my business.  My business is now thriving with more quality clients and projects I’m passionate about.

Annie Luu l Personal & Business Coach l Sydney, Australia

When I first met Lisa-Maree, little did I know how much of a key player she would become in my life.  Initially, Lisa-Maree offered me an Introductory Discovery Session to see what Creativity Coaching was all about… and how it could fit with my path.  I remember after that first session saying to Lisa-Maree, “I felt the same relaxation as you get from having a massage, or facial… a lovely floating, peaceful feeling.”

As my sessions continued, so did the peaceful, floaty feeling – after each session – together with a calmness and clarity that I had been searching for….

Since those initial sessions, life has thrown some fairly major (and unexpected) curveballs at me, but through all of that Lisa-Maree has been a voice of reason, wisdom, strength and understanding.  I can never thank Lisa-Maree enough for the support she has shown me this past year.  She has helped me to learn more about myself, than I ever thought possible, to question the life I was leading and dare myself to believe my dreams are attainable.  The work we have done in our sessions has helped me to find those pieces of myself that I thought were lost, or stolen. ­­­­­ We have laughed and cried through our sessions; she has watched me completely fall apart and helped me to start the process of putting myself back together again.  She has taken my hand and carried the guiding light, through what has been at times a very dark journey.  Everyday I am thankful that people like Lisa-Maree have come into my life… and have changed it in ways that I never thought possible.

Kara M, Photographer l Brisbane, Australia

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lisa-Maree’s Creativity & Life Coaching.  From our very first session she has opened me up to areas of awareness and possibility with my music, my creativity and my life that I would never have dreamt were possible.  Lisa-Maree is not only a brilliantly talented artist in her own right, but she is remarkably generous with her ability to share that gift with those around her and the artistic community at large.

The no-obligation Introductory Session was a great chance to get to know her and to realize how we would work together.  It quickly became very clear to me that Lisa-Maree was exactly the right person for helping me to work on my creativity.  She was honest, trustworthy, reliable and always incredibly supportive and nurturing, something that she quite obviously does for herself, as well and not just her clients.

I have managed to achieve quite a number of practical goals, which I had been having difficulty attaining, prior to working with Lisa-Maree.  She has also given me a road map and shown me tools for continuing the work we have done together, into the future.  Thanks so much for everything, Lisa-Maree.

John Bellamy, Composer l Producer l Sound Engineer l Sydney, Australia

I have undertaken Lisa-Maree’s Creativity Coaching, and within a short period I have already achieved some amazing results with my current project.  She has helped me develop powerful ways of communicating my ideas, so they will be interesting and engaging to others.  I have been able to attract people I once thought beyond my social influence into working with me on my project.  I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Lisa-Maree’s style is understanding and flexible.  She is encouraging and even coaxing when I need it.  It is obvious she is dedicated to helping me achieve the best results for myself.  She is highly intuitive and is able to pace our sessions at a speed and depth I am comfortable with, while at the same time inviting me to step outside of my limiting preconceived ideas.  Lisa-Maree values and respects my worth as a creator helping me refine the parts that work for me and helping me let go of the parts that fail to serve me.

The process we have engaged on together has helped me reconnect with my inner artist.  Some of my talent and passion for creation I was hiding from myself has come back to the surface.  Lisa-Maree has helped me step outside of myself and into a new way of seeing and behaving in the world.  This has helped me get out of my own way in the creative process.

I strongly recommend Lisa-Maree’s coaching to anyone who wants to step up to a new level of creative performance.  I would especially recommend her to anyone who is struggling with creative blocks and other obstacles.  She will help you reach your potential as a creator and you will be able to realise the potential of your creative projects and see them come to fruition.

Mike Walker l Consultant l Canberra, ACT


Lisa-Maree facilitated my Creativity Coaching sessions fantastically, which allowed me to distill some core messages and great tools / techniques to expand on in my life and business.

I also found Creativity Coaching very helpful in centering my focus and gaining greater clarity.

In my view, the Creativity Coach can enable what is already available to the client, by providing mentor support.  This is what I have taken away from my sessions.

Dulcie Lupton, V Business Support Services l Sydney l Australia