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A good mindset is the first step to your success.

Are you anxious and overwhelmed by a job that is unfulfilling?

Are you in a relationship where you’ve lost who you really are?

Do you struggle with realising your full potential in most areas of your life?

Is “not enough money” stopping you from taking the steps you need to move forward?

Pure Creativity Coaching provides specialised services to people who are experiencing money blocks, mindset issues, self-worth or boundary issues, anxiety, or overwhelm, lost a sense of themselves, are going through a life transition, or have patterns and beliefs that are holding them back.  Services offered include Money Mindset Coaching, Transformational Coaching & Transpersonal Art Therapy, are person centred, holistically focussed, and based on awakening and utilising inner resources.  Pure Creativity Coaching promotes wellbeing on all levels, including; physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual by facilitating personal growth, increasing self-awareness and learning to be assertive about goals, dreams and wishes. Through personal exploration and undergoing a process of self-discovery, you are able to access inner wisdom, activating internal resources, which creates healing and personal empowerment. It is through empowerment, you will move from just surviving to not only, thriving but, ultimately, flourishing.

1:1 Coaching.

1 : 1 COACHING is a process that helps you reconnect with the important things in your life.  Are you at a crossroads, being pulled by the universe to step into the new you?  Are you facing a life transition, or perhaps, your life is out of balance, maybe, it’s your business that’s struggling and it’s not where you’d like it to be?

When you have these concerns, and you’re not sure how to move through them, or take the next step to where you really want to be Transformational Coaching can be very helpful, especially, at a time when you are needing extra support.  Working with a Transformational Coach can help you re-connect to what you really want to have in your life, as you will discover new ways to approach your personal situation and challenges that you’re facing. Once you step into being coached, many changes that you have been longing for, will start to take place in your life.

Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is a process that helps you reconnect with yourself, so you can begin taking care of you.  Are you at a crossroads, being pulled by the universe to step into the new you?  Are you facing a life transition, or perhaps, your life is out of balance, maybe, it’s your business that’s struggling and it’s not where you’d like it to be?

Art therapy can help people reduce stress in their lives, transition from an unhappy relationship, or job, resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, become more assertive, and increase self-esteem.  Art Therapy is a powerful way to explore and communicate bringing much deeper insights and awareness to your situation. Art Therapy uses collage, mandalas, clay work, mask making, and guided meditation, as a way to find solutions and supports you to move forward from where you are now to where you want to be in the best way for your unique life.

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You will be guided through powerful courses, masterclasses and workshops to connect with your deeper self and embody your unique gifts. With a strong sense of purpose you can open up new income streams, create a business, or a passion project and live a life you love.


Master your money with this unique 10 week program to clear your money blocks, helping you become a money magnet, so you can manifest what you really want to have in your life and live more abundantly.  It is for leaders, heart-centred entrepreneurs, big dreamers, influencers,  creatives and healers.


Work 1 : 1 with me and you will lead the change you want in your relationship with yourself and your money, I will help you awaken, manifest and create a life of abundance and flow.  We begin with understanding where you are now, where you want to be and we close the gap.


When I first met Lisa-Maree, little did I know, how much of a key player she would become in my life.  Initially, Lisa-Maree offered me an Introductory Discovery Session to see what Creativity Coaching was about and how it would fit with my path.  I can never thank Lisa-Maree enough for the support she has shown me, this past year.  She has helped me to learn more about myself, to question the life I was leading and dare to believe that my dreams are attainable.

Kara M, Photographer . Brisbane . Australia

I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to work with Lisa-Maree, as my Coach for the past six months.  Lisa-Maree’s sessions have helped me find clarity and identify blockages in my business.  My business is now thriving, with more quality clients and projects I’m passionate about.

Annie Luu . Personal & Business Coach  . Sydney, Australia

“The no-obligation introductory Discovery Session was a great chance to get to know her and to realize how we would work together.  It quickly became very clear to me that Lisa-Maree was exactly the right person for helping me to work on my creativity.”

John Bellamy, Composer . Producer . Sound Engineer . Sydney, Australia

“I strongly recommend Lisa-Maree’s coaching to anyone who wants to step up to a new level of creative performance.  I would especially recommend her, to anyone who is struggling with creative blocks and other obstacles.  She will help you reach your potential as a creator and you will be able to realise the potential of your creations.” 

Mike Walker, Consultant & Game Master . Canberra, Australia

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