‘Use the Power of Your Word in the Direction of Love and Truth’.
~ Don Miguel Ruiz.

Lisa-Maree shares her personal story, as one of the 365 Contributors of  the, ‘Inspiration Bible’.  This book has an inspirational story for every day of the year, written by inspiring authors from around the world.

“I am so excited to be a part of this amazing book!  I was honoured, when asked to contribute.  Being able to share my story from the initial trauma, through to empowerment, so that it helps other people to not have to go through this, is my hope.”

The Inspiration Bible includes 365 writers from over 15 countries, each sharing a message that will inspire the reader.  From life wisdom, to stories of overcoming extreme adversity.  This book is one that people can call on for inspiration when needed!

There’s an awesome message that comes with this book, it’s ‘the book that keeps on giving.’  When you buy your book, you get a second book for FREE to gift to someone you feel could do with some inspiration.

*Please note: Some stories in this book are not suitable for under 18 yrs of age. 

ONLY $30 for 2 books!  + Postage.

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